Personal Site
Whoa, that’s meta.

This site (the one you’re reading on!) is built on top of Jekyll and deployed on my linode box. It heavily utilizes the Bootstrap library to achieve a responsive and clean design, but the whole thing is largely built from the ground up (no forked templates).

A minimalistic feedback system

Simple, clean, and customizeable feedback system geared towards side projects and small teams. No account required, and integration on existing webapps takes all of 30 seconds to complete. I use this on almost all of my projects to gather quick feedback from users and have found it invaluable.

AI-backed workout programs

Personalized workout regimens that adapt to your capabilities. Backed by several home-grown AI models, DailyDrill will send users’ workouts every day and then modify the progression and difficulty profile of the program based on each users’ personal results. Monetized for a while as a subscription service (and did fairly well!), but currently is in zombie-mode due to lack of time.

Wedding Site
I know, I know. So cute.

Website for my wedding, including a home-grown RSVP system (because I apparently love pain), interactive gallery, and mobile-ready responsive design. Little known fact: I actually found, root-caused, and reported a Chrome bug in how it calculated and performed repaints when done on the GPU (due to some of the weird image-scroll techniques I used). Happy to report the bug is now fixed on their end!

Android clone of Secret

A full-featured and fully functioning clone of the formerly popular Secret app. I had decided to take on the challenge of porting the app to Android when it was still iOS only, and built it from the ground up in a few weekends. This was a native android app, integrating with the Facebook SDK for the login and graph as well as with Parse (RIP) for the backend. Never launched as it was just a challenge to myself.

Mobile ad network

One of the earliest mobile ad networks (built and launched in 2010), and certainly one of the earliest “link-sharing” variants. I personally built the entire product, ranging from the SDK, management dashboards, auction system, and ad creation system. I also did all of the marketing, and managed to amass a solid set of developers as partners before winding down the network in early 2012.

This list is incomplete!
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