I’m a full-stack mobile & web engineer turned manager. I’ve been shipping products for over 12 years and am obsessed with building things that people love and use every day. I have spent the majority of my career helping to build, scale, and support the Search product and org at Facebook. Most recently, I have been building and supporting a specialized Growth team (also at Facebook).

I currently live in Redwood City, California, with my wife and our cat.


My background is full-stack web and mobile product development. I also dabble with machine learning for fun. My current favorite technologies to build with:

  • Python + Flask
  • React + React Native
  • Native Android (still love me some good ole java)
  • Jekyll (this site is build using it!)


My major areas of investments tend to be in consumer software, with a large focus on FinTech and AI. My investing thesis is pretty simple -

Experienced teams with a ruthless vision and data-driven approach tend to win.

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